About me

I’m a visual artist based in Europe. I have worked on many different fields and materials but I’m more focused on painting and photography.

I am in love with the arts as far as I remember, specially with photography. I remember taking my father’s old Olympus just for him to notice when developing the roll. 

I studied photography in secondary school, there I discovered photo journalism, the classics and the Masters. Photography became my obsession and I started exhibiting my work. 

That passion made me enrol in a B.A of arts where I specialised on painting and installations. After finishing I moved to my own studio where I have my own photography Lab and I paint for endless hours. 

Apart from my personal artistic work, I have taken commissions, I have worked as a photographer doing photojournalism for a news agency, teaching Photography and dark room technics in an art school and as a Graphic Designer for events. 



Exhibitions and News